Get In Shape – 3 Ways to Make Eating Healthy More Convenient

Whether you want to get in shape for summer, or just want to for the hell of it, you will soon realize, if you haven’t already, that your diet will play a big role in achieving this goal. You need to be eating the right amount of the right things and at the right time. This can seem overwhelming to people at times, so I have prepared 3 tips to help make dieting more convenient.

People love convenience (myself included), but this is unfortunately one of the primary reasons why people put on weight in the first place. Rather than prepare meals, many people simply visit the ‘convenience’ store and pick up something processed off of the shelf.

This behaviour might be harmless if performed occasionally, but if left unchecked, it is only a matter of time before you start to get fatter. You basically want to place yourself in a position where it is difficult to be lazy. Here are 3 methods that I personally use myself to help ensure that I am always providing my body with what it needs.

1. Use a Blender – There is nothing more convenient than having a blender. Just add the ingredients that you want, wait 5 seconds, and you have yourself a liquid meal. Using a blender is a great way to help ensure that you are getting enough fruit and vegetables each day, as you don’t have to bother yourself with chewing.

A good way to give yourself a complete meal is to combine protein powder, rolled oats and flaxseed oil. This will give you all of the lean protein, low GI carbs and healthy fats that you need to get in shape and power through your workouts.

2. Cook Meals the Night Before – First off, you will need to buy a number of small containers to store the food in for work or whatever else. Not only will cooking your food the night before save you time, you also know exactly what you are eating. This is of such vital importance when you really think about it. When you dine out for example, you are essentially gambling with your weight, as you do not know all of the ingredients that went into making your meal.

3. Prepare Basic Ingredients – This involves chopping up all of the basic ingredients that you use and storing them in separate containers for use when needed. For example, you could chop up a bag of peppers and then store them in a single container in your fridge. That way then you need them, they are ready to go. The more foods that you do this with, the more time you will save overall.

If you have read this entire article, I assume that you genuinely want to get in shape and you want it to happen fast. Well, the fastest way to get there is by making everything that pertains to your health as efficient as possible. These 3 tips will definitely help you do just that.

Source by John Stamford

AUTHOR: Cherry Agbones