Healthy Eating Boring? Not With These Golden Rules to Follow

As some people say, “you are what you eat”. Whether you are a sweets lover, a vegetarian, or a fanatic of meats, your food preference can be seen through your body and the state of health. This is the reason why people are advised to be conscious of the types of food they consume because even the little shred of cheese or piece of bacon in your snack sandwich can already affect your body’s system. The issue of making healthy food choices is not as easy as buying a ready to cook piece of chicken for dinner. It requires proper planning of meals and enough awareness in the individual’s part regarding the nutritional content of the food he chooses to prepare.

Opposite from the common conception, a healthy diet is not equivalent to unpalatable food choices made of pure vegetables or small pieces of fruit on your plate. A healthy diet, in fact, can be delicious and can be constructed by using wide food variations like whole grains, fiber-rich foods, poultry, lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and fish. Learning to have healthy choices for your meals can make your home cooking or eating out extravaganzas palatable yet healthy.

There are some guidelines in making healthy food choices. The first of these golden rules is to know your limitation when it comes to consuming fats. Basically, unsaturated fats don’t actually add to the bulk of your cholesterol levels unlike trans and saturated fats but consuming them in large amounts can still negatively affect you and your bloodstream. The next rule is to prepare poultry and lean meats without skin and saturated and trans fat. Almost all kinds of meat have the same 70 milligrams per three-ounce cooked serving and the American Heart Association advises not to consume more than six ounces of seafood, meat, or poultry a day. For some tips to help you in your meat choices, you can find the leanest beef cuts in the sirloin, loin, and chuck parts of the beef. In pork, the leanest parts are found in the loin chops or in the tenderloin while the fittest lamb chops to use are the ones coming from the loins, leg, or arms.

In choosing poultry, moreover, try to have white meat and stick to turkey and chicken because duck and goose meat have higher fat contents. Lastly, in cooking, it is preferable to prepare your meats by grilling, broiling, or baking them and removing their skin (for poultry) before digging in. Another tip to keep in mind is to consume at least two servings of fish in one week because even though their meats can be lean and fatty, they are still low in saturated fat amounts. This is one of the best healthy food choices tip to keep in mind because researches have already confirmed that consuming oily fishes like herring, salmon, or trout can help lower the probability of a person from having coronary heart disease because of their omega-3 fatty acids. In dairy products, try to minimize eating whole-fat dairy products like whole milk and butter and choose fat-free or reduced-fat dairy products instead.

Source by Sean Jordan

AUTHOR: Cherry Agbones